About us

Frupinsa is a company that with the expierence from the past, looks forward to the future. With advanced technology in its production lines and full trust on the human team behind the company, Frupinsa chose the option of looking for a quality product to satisfy the customer.

Likewise, our company highly values the confidence obtaied both from suppliers and from customers, with whom we try to colaborate daily by providing the proper advice and giving the best service.

Frupinsa en Roquetes, Tarragona

New almond shell treatment plant

With the aim of always providing a satisfying solution to the customer, in 2008 we invested in an almond shell treatment plant in order to offer them the best product for their needs.

Since 1948 we have been developing a constant investing effort, by reinvesting the surplus with the goal of keep track of technological and market new tendencies.

In the last years Frupinsa has developed important improvements in the main factory in Roquetes, with the construction of a new warehouse, the upgrade and restyling of our offices and the installation of the newest machines in the almond broker system, with the goal of being more competitive and increase the quality and the productivity of the company, to keep leading the sector. This projects have been financed with European Union's help, with the Implementation of local development strategies plan, from the Catalalonia's Rural Development Program 2014-2020.

Corporate social responsibility

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a consolidated value in our company. CSR is based in sostenibility, transparency and responsibility applied to all stakeholders of the company:workers, customers, suppliers, financial institutions, public administration, environment and society in general.

A practical application of CSR consists on implementing socially responsible measures in each of the vectors that business management is divided in: economic, environmental and social. We apply CSR in all different areas with the following actions:

Economic field:

 We value the natural resoures of our territory.
 We contribute to continuate production of natural products and to the maintenance of the farms of our territory.
 Quality in our products and services is a high priority strategic objective.
 We promote Best Business Practices and CSR through our company's website.
 We constantly invest in innovative machinery to improve our processes and everything that contributes to quality control in our products.

Environmental field:

 We identify the environmental impact of our activity.
 We perform actions to minimize and reduce them.
 Our goal is to go beyond legislation.
 We apply measures to minimize and reduce water consumption.
 We recycle our waste.
 We reduce waste generation.
 We reuse our waste.
 Noise pollution generated by our activity to workers and environment is controlled.
 Atmospheric emissions generated by our activity are controlled.
 We apply measures that contribute to lower energy consumption.
 We invest in the creation and production of a low cost biomass product adapted to any biomass-ready heating system.
 We invested in the installation of a photovoltaic facility.
 Our workers have access to a Best Business Practices manual.

Social field:

 Employees are continuously being trained.
 We apply equal opportunities policy.
 Employees participation in our organization is encouraged.
 We are commited to the conciliation of personal, familiar and professional life.
 In reference to our stakeholders: (workers, customers, suppliers, public administration, environment, society in general):

 They are identified.
 We apply measures to evaluate their satisfaction level.
 We track them to detect, control and apply corrective actions to possible deviations.
 We try to adapt to new demand and needs.
 We offer an advisory service to farmers that supply us the agricultural products.
 We invested in a large warehouse to store carob, to help local farmers to store their product in perfect conditions.